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To compete in today’s global marketplace, you need to leverage opportunities worldwide. Don’t miss opportunities due to communication or cultural concerns.


We help you navigate cross-border opportunities simply and effectively, bringing clarity to organizational, cultural and linguistic challenges. We’ll help you understand globalization and localization, whether you are new to a market or need to hone your experience.



With decades of business expertise and international experience, our specialized teams provide guidance on and help you master a range of critical global activities. Our services include:  


•    Understanding cultural differences
•    Adapting branding to cultural values
•    Aligning marketing with local markets
•    Establishing global trades
•    Facilitating negotiations with local companies

Why Cross-Border Business Management Matters


Cross-border business management has never been more critical in enhancing global trade. While more organizations are doing business internationally, the clear, sustainable competitive advantage goes those that have mastered doing business across cultures. The organizations that lead the pack have developed a strategic skill set based on cross-cultural competency and understanding.



The business playing field no longer has geographical limits. Businesses must adapt or modify their approaches to compete, which means understanding transactions and approaches across cultures, whether online or in person. They need to create teams that consider the differences in organizational and consumer cultures, practices and preferences. They need teams with real cultural competency.


Building competency across borders applies to every level of interaction, from personal space considerations and local work practices to marketing and the ways in which decisions are made in corner offices. 


And yet, instilling cultural competency is not easy. Cross-border and cross-cultural differences present a significant challenge and often serve as obstacles to moving forward internationally. But acquiring cross-border expertise proves its worth. Research indicates that honing your organization’s cultural competency can actually increase productivity by up to 30%. The more effectively your organization understands and enacts cultural competency, the greater your competitive advantage will be. 


Tap our proven cross-cultural expertise to empower your organization and take your global business to the next level.


"Understanding cultural differences enhances global trade" "Go global and act local" "Allowed us to take your business to the next level”

What We Do

Understand Differences

Our global experience, which spans decades and industries, helps you put cultural differences into the appropriate context. We provide a framework for understanding that can clarify  communication, group dynamics, engineering, timelines and other critical aspects of doing business. We help you navigate the nuances in transactions of any size, whether you are meeting a prospective partner for the first time or finalizing a complex negotiation. By enabling everyone in the room to gain insight into different ways of thinking and standards, we help align expectations and goals for the interaction. We increase insights and deliver higher value to all parties. We streamline the efficiency and clarity of any process, driving success. 


At Jesselton, we bring expert perspective to your branding, and understand the impact of poor cultural awareness or translations, which can endanger your brand. We adapt your brand to  global management and operations standards. We help ensure that your brand message translates correctly, so that it is culturally fluent and resonates appropriately. It will maintain its value proposition and align with cultural expectations, value and beliefs. Use our branding consultation services to be certain that your message gets delivered in the right ways. We’ll help you avoid cross-cultural blunders that can lead to public relations disasters.


When your company establishes a presence abroad, you need to add cultural awareness into your marketing mix. An event or campaign that is effective in one country may very well not translate effectively in another – in fact, quite the opposite can happen. Your Jesselton team members understand local preferences and acceptance. We guide you through consumer behavior across cultures and locations, so that you can modify marketing strategies and drive global brand success. We can also help you avoid errors in language, appropriateness and design that can derail a marketing effort. Instead, your efforts will reach the right people, in the right ways, in every market.



Especially when a company operates globally, redundant processes and bottlenecks cause major delays and reduce an organization’s efficiency. Too often, companies focus on such operational details and lose track of reviewing the big picture. This can be especially hazardous, with severe implications, when global partners are involved. Let Jesselton provide an outside perspective that can help you review your overall performance from multiple various cultural angles and points of view. We have wide-ranging global experience designing and implementing cost-effective and efficient business models. We’ll help you meet your competitive objectives while working with a variety of global partners and adhering to regulations and requirements.


Let us help you with your business-critical functions, wherever they are based. We offer global trade support and direct representation, on-site in any country in which you operate. We bring world-class professionalism and extensive experience and knowledge, along with a keen awareness of local business practices. Involve a Jesselton team at the start of any cross-border project to ensure accurate, clear communication that helps expedite, launch and sustain a successful project or partnership. When you team up with Jesselton, you can be assured that your interests are represented appropriately anywhere, with a local presence and personalized service.

Global Trading

If you are just beginning to operationalize or expand your organization globally, you can face huge investments and complex logistics. In addition, there can be cross-cultural concerns. We can help at every point in the process, whether approaching potential partners for the first time or closing a deal. We’ll also help you understand processes and procedures, intermediaries and agencies, all along the way. You benefit from our skilled team members’ expertise in global trade facilitation. If you have global trading experience, we can help you become more proficient in the process, ensuring that every negotiation is clear and satisfactory.

Industries & Sectors

Supplements & Nutrition

The global dietary supplements market is expected to reach USD 278.02 billion by 2024. Let Jesselton help you reach this massive global market.


Jesselton helped establish the brand identity of a British bespoke supplements company in the European Union. We designed the market entry strategy and assisted implementing alternative marketing campaigns and events worldwide. At each step, we carefully honed the strategy to meet and match cultural expectations and to deliver a clear, on-point message in multiple locations. 


The supplement whose marketing we boosted was established by doctors during assignments in war zones. The product is vegan, gluten-free, irradiation-free and uses non-GMO ingredients. We promoted the brand’s message as a globally concerned, health-focused supplement with an international perspective and presence. With presence on social media channels and a “community” section, the product’s website enables consumers worldwide to interact with the same doctors who created the product, contributing to its success and establishment as a global name.

Eyewear Manufacturing

Eyewear products are one of the world’s most iconic consumer products. In 2016, the market value of the global eyewear market was USD 95 billion. The market spans almost every demographic and culture – we can help you navigate how to get your eyewear product placed and distributed.


We provided extensive support to one of the largest Chinese eyewear manufacturers in its cross-border business expansion. The firm now exports to 15 countries across the world, including South Korea, the United States of America and Italy. We assisted in planning strategies, implementing promotional activities, cultural management and establishing global trading. The organization now prides itself in its cross-cultural communication skills and cites those skills as the reason for its success and global expansion. The Jesselton team helped the organization map out its global strategy, with customer service teams in North America/South America/Europe, Middle East/ Australia and East Asia.


Food & Beverages

The global food and beverages market was estimated to be over USD 5,650 billion in 2017. We can help you understand how to leverage your idea or model in this dynamic sector globally.


Jesselton helped a German food and beverage startup design a franchise business model and to actualize the business idea in Frankfurt, Germany. The startup paired its unique menu -- creative offerings of cereals -- with young and fashionable branding aligned with an all-American theme. For example, tray liners feature American pop art. With such individuality, the company soon caught the attention of local youth and media. Since the company sells every cereal imaginable, one marketing technique involved having an American who works for the local German newspaper taste-test different menu items. His favorable feedback as someone from the country of cereals, a strong social media presence, and a raving 4.9-star review on Facebook has helped the startup establish itself as one Frankfurt’s must-see places. 

Fashion Magazine

Fashion is a USD 2.4 trillion industry worldwide. Jesselton expertise helped a magazine that covers this exponentially growing market expand its global presence.


We provided management consulting to a renowned British high-end fashion magazine about how to restructure its operation and reconstruct its products to capture a larger audience and market. In addition, we helped identify cost-effective suppliers and potential sales channels for the magazine. The magazine is stocked throughout the United Kingdom in a variety of lifestyle stores, athletic shops and bookstores. It’s also stocked internationally, including in locations in Australia, Asia and USA. Despite being a British magazine that features all things British, it has succeeded in its global business expansion and cross-border management.

Our Clients

Who We Are

20 Years Experience

Jesselton was founded and built by professionals with an extensive variety of industry background and professional expertise, which ranges from banking to food and beverages. Our expert team members also represent a breadth of different nationalities. Together, we offer insights that span multiple industries, which we bring to bear to craft useful cross-border strategies for our clients.


We bring wide-ranging experience and perspectives to each project, but at the same time, we all share the same drive and objectives: to identify promising opportunities, to optimize innovative implementations and to achieve strategic goals. We craft objectives in tandem with each one of our global clients so that we can make your vision and plans a reality. At the same time, we stay focused on helping drive your organization’s success to the next level.


Whatever industry or sector your organization represents, we help you understand both globalization and localization. We conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate markets and plans and guide you through the most effective management decisions on your cross-border investments.


We are a consulting company that invests in your vision. We do not work for you – rather, we work with you, channeling ideas, effort and devotion into your business, with an aim to succeed globally.


Above all, Jesselton understands globalization. Our priority with every client is to build a solid global foundation. We can do so because we understand the differences that span global cultures and the associated cross-cultural nuances, from language differences to understanding body language, from negotiating an early meeting to signing a final contract. We leverage our deep knowledge of such differences to help identify your needs, to develop the strongest possible cross-border marketing strategy and to stay by your side so you can conduct business confidently and professionally. Let us provide the introductions, representation and guidance that will help lead you to success – anywhere in the world.


Areas and Locations

Our team includes skilled professionals, all of whom bring a variety of proven, applicable expertise to help our clients succeed globally. We have decades of experience living and working in countries around the world.


The Jesselton team includes experts from Germany, the United Kingdom, USA, China, Malaysia and Taiwan. We operate across the globe in Frankfurt, Cologne, London, Miami, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei, among other locations. Team members have held positions at a variety of levels across a variety of industries, including International Sales Director, IT Consultant, Software Architect, Creative Director, Sourcing Manager, Management Consultant and others.


Jesselton experts have industry background that ranges from banking to F&B, which means you get the benefit of our expertise as we offer industry insights and craft cross-border strategies. We’ll guide you through globalization and localization. We perform qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate management decisions about cross-border investments. Let us help you succeed, across borders and across the world.


Know-How and Qualifications

Each member of the Jesselton team that will help craft your cross-cultural strategy is a graduate or post-graduate professional, with 20 years of industry experience, on average. Our proven knowledge base is both wide and deep, with extensive acumen in segments that include consumer electronics, e-commerce, fashion, global sourcing, international trade, manufacturing, medicine and telecommunication.


We understand the world and we can help you establish your organization wherever it needs to be. We know how to negotiate and move within the global landscape, from communications to standards, from local customs to corner-suite meeting etiquette.


By mapping out needs and expectations that are appropriate to your cross-border location, we help you avoid culturally based mistakes that can be extremely critical to your organization’s success and to its reputation. We’ll help you get a sense of the resources and time you’ll need to make an impact in a new market, while also maintaining appropriate levels of professionalism.


Along the way, we can help coach you on areas in which you can benefit by hiring local experts, and we’ll provide you with insights on how to distinguish your product in new markets while conforming to local norms. We’ll represent you at important meetings, as needed, and we can help steer you towards solutions that work for you and your partners. We will assist you in obtaining internationally recognized certifications, so that you can be sure you are practicing responsible manufacturing, regardless of location. 


We know how to think from different perspectives, which can help you adopt and implement international quality, process and management standards. As your organization establishes a global presence, you need to be able to implement, maintain and increase the level of standards – we are here to help you do exactly that. Wherever your organization and its partners are based, Jesselton can help chart a course to high levels of performance. You can rely on your Jesselton team to help deliver business growth and development across markets anywhere in the world.


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