We let our American intern try the new Cereal Café in Frankfurt-Bornheim

Cereal cafes have been gaining attention and popularity, and more and more have been appearing in larger cities internationally. Recently, Michael Stross opened his own cereal cafe, called Cereal Culture Cafe, on Saalburgstraße 39 in Frankfurt. Stross plans on providing 120 different cereals from around the globe, and he expects a new shipment of japanese and korean cereal in the near future.

New Skin Care Supplement Aims to Help the Body Heal Itself

LOS ANGELES, CA – 10-13-2017 (Press Release Jet) — There are plenty of skin care products that make big promises to consumers. They all claim to stop the effects of aging, heal blemishes, and help create healthier skin. However, a new skin care supplement is attempting to turn the industry on its head. Artefact Concept II looks at skin care and anti-aging from a different perspective than other products that just aim to treat the symptoms. What Artefact Concept II aims to do is to help the body’s natural mechanisms work to the best of their ability.

Artefact - bespoke food supplements created by doctors and designers (Vegan-friendly)

Artefact, one of the first British designer vitamin lines, makes its debut this spring. Formulated by medical experts and brought to life by a team of creative minds, the range blends natural ingredients and traditional know-how from across the world with cutting-edge science and contemporary design to produce a unique range of supplements tailored to modern living.