Artefact - bespoke food supplements created by doctors and designers (Vegan-friendly)

Artefact, one of the first British designer vitamin lines, makes its debut this spring. Formulated by medical experts and brought to life by a team of creative minds, the range blends natural ingredients and traditional know-how from across the world with cutting-edge science and contemporary design to produce a unique range of supplements tailored to modern living.

Over years working as doctors on humanitarian projects around the world, we saw first-hand how creative, life-changing ideas often came from the very people we had come to help, using adaptogenic and nutraceutical-like plants known to and trusted by them for centuries. These experiences gave us an understanding of how the forces of evolution and adaptation combined to shape these species, allowing them to survive, thrive, and become embedded in traditional medicine, where they were used both to combat deficiencies and to enrich the body and mind.

Artefact’s Concept I [Maca Goji B12 D2] is a bespoke supplement formulated using a unique combination of adaptogens and vitamins to provide a strengthening, enriching complement to our modern lives. Maca root from the Peruvian Andes and goji berries from Northern China form the anchor ingredients. Goji’s protective, stabilising nature forms the supplement’s baseline, whilst the potent and versatile maca improves lifestyle dynamics, cognitive capacity and resilience, and Vitamins D2 and B12 are included to supplement dietary deficiencies. Made in Britain, the line is vegan and vegetarian friendly.